Faculty of Management and Economics organizes a scientific symposium on how to publish on the global sites

                 The Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Diyala organized a scientific symposium on how topublish in the global sites. The lecture was attended by Prof. Dr. Saad Al-Naimi, lecturer at the Faculty of Management and Economics, University of Baghdad and Assistant Professor Hassanein Salim Al-Tarsi at the Central Technical University. The seminar included a detailed explanation. (Web of Science) and Scopus, as well as measurements of the rigidity of research and scientific journals such as If, SJR, SNIP and others. The symposium reviewed the web sites of the global journals, which are located under international publishing institutions such as Thomson And the interaction with the topic of the symposium was great by the attendees. The seminar included a series of dialogues and discussions on the new promotion law . The seminar comes in line with the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and its formations to support the sound scientific research process. Dr. Qusay Abdul Khaleq Fadel thanked and thanked the lecturers for taking the trouble to travel from Baghdad to Diyala and called for continued cooperation with the departments of Baghdad to serve our dear faculty.