The Effect of Implementing the ISO International Standard for Occupational Safety and Health in the Strategic Performance of Diyala General

             The Department of Public Administration in the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Diyala organized a panel discussion on the impact of applying the ISO standard for the management of occupational safety and health in the strategic performance of Diyala General Company for Electrical Industries. The seminar was attended by assistant professor Haidar Shaker Nouri and teacher Rahman Mahmoud Shehata to measure the application of safety standards And to determine the relationship and impact of applying the occupational safety management standards according to the items except items 1, 2 and 3 in the strategic performance in Diyala Electric Company. The seminar included two axes: The concept of occupational safety and health management is the responsibility of creating an ideal work environment to suit the potential of the employees to maintain them and the property of the organization through an integrated system that adopts the latest work quality specifications to ensure its continuity to achieve the highest possible return. The second focused on the concept of ISO, Who are able to be affected by the activities of the organization through the responsibility of the promotion and protection of their physical and mental health, and concluded the workshop with a number of recommendations, most importantly the adoption of the results of the research by Diyala General Electric Industries, as well as the possibility of publicizing the rest of the Organizations the research community to take advantage of the results and to open new horizons that can be applied in the industrial sector in particular and on the company's management to focus on training and engaging employees intensively and continuously, in terms of international standards related to occupational health and safety management in order to raise the strategic performance of the company efficiency.