The Faculty of Management and Economics holds a panel discussion on Big Data

               The Department of Statistics at the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Diyala held a panel discussion on the huge data (the concept of applications), in which Dr. Anam Abdel-Rahman Noman and the teacher Hisham Far'oun lectured. The seminar aimed at introducing the huge data and the fields of use and applications in different aspects of science and how to analyze them and extract results using data mining. WINING as the traditional programs can not be absorbed, so is the use of experts in the field of programming to classify these data has included the seminar axes included the first concept of large data and areas of application either the second discussed the analysis of large data And draw conclusions and the most important conclusions reached by the lecturer that the study of the large data of most phenomena is a necessity to be taken because the use of sampling methods does not meet the purpose in such cases and the design of software interfaces to accommodate such data using the design and programming experts, And faculty members of the department.