The Faculty of Management and Economics organizes an educational seminar titled “Drug Free Society”

              At the initiative of the Takatof Volunteer Team and under the patronage of the Deanship of the Faculty of Management and Economics, an educational seminar entitled "A Drugless Community" was held in which a number of specialized researchers attended a wide audience of students and faculty. The seminar focused on the dangers of this phenomenon and ways to address it. The session was moderated by Prof. Dr. Mahdi Saleh Douai, who enriched the seminar 's axes with a scientific presentation from an economic perspective. He also pointed out that this symposium comes within the framework of the university policy which is keen to educate students about the seriousness of drugs and their negative effects on individuals and society. The symposium recommended the continuation of awareness campaigns about the drug threat to society and the need to continue working on combating it, and using all media and communication sites. To ensure that outreach reaches the largest number of citizens.