The First international Conference


  Under the auspices of the chancellor of the university of Diyala, Prof. Abbas Fadil Al-Dulaimi And under the slogan “Effective Electronic Applications and Iraqi Digital Knowledgeable Community “ The college of Administration and Economics in the university of Diyala holds the first international scientific conference for e-applications in the Academic Forum   of the university in April2018  29,30  






 Conference Objectives


1-Giving the opportunity for the researchers of the university and those concerned with science and technology to share knowledge and experiences in various scientific fields and related issues.


2-Enhancing the role of applied science in the field of community to find solutions and meet its needs thru fostering the relationship among Higher Education institutions and industrial and commercial ones with the government, technical, organizations, and scientific centers inside and outside the country.


3-Assessing the problems that are faced by various fields and suggesting scientific solutions.




Conference Topics


E- Government


E- Governance


E- Management


E- Education


E- Statistic


  E- Economy


         E- Commerce       



Supervisory Committee


Dr. Qussay .A Fahdil


Dr. Hatim .J Aziz



Scientific Committee


Dr. Amer .M Ibrahim


Dr. Ibrahim Jwad Kadim


Dr. Mahdi Salih Daway


Dr. HaithamYaqub Yusif


Dr. Anaam Abdulrahman


Dr.Nehad Mahmood Nasser


Dr. Firas Mohammed Aswad




International Advisory Committee


Dr. Ruzhan Mohammed Adroos


Dr.AytekinAuthman ouglo


Dr. Bader Alhuda Khan


Dr. Ali Almusawy


Dr. Mohammed Ali


Dr. Boull Kem Senay 


Dr.Alaa Alhamamy



Organizational Committee


Nadia Mahdi Abdul Kader


Omar Mahmood Akawee


Ahmed Saleh Hasan


Mohammed Layth Talal


Younis Kadthem Hameed


Omar Najem Abdullah


Rahman Mahmoud Shehatha


  Ibraheem Hafiz Farhan


Ahmed Abdullateef Alameer




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